How I planned for our summer of fun!

This summer has been full of adventures and activities, and it’s only the middle of July!  Aside from our vacation to Ohio to visit both sides of Buggy’s family over the 4th of July, we have been hitting up at least 4 different local events a week.  In addition to all the fun things posted below, Buggy has been to her first movie in the theater (Dollar days for kids 0-5 in a lighted theater! How awesome is that??) met Ronald McDonald, ate a whole stack of .57cent pancakes at I Hop, went to 2 outdoor movies in the park, built sandcastles at the park, danced at an outdoor jazz concert, saw snakes and turtles being fed at a nature center, and attended several playdates put on my our local cloth diaper store!

The best part about all of this is that except for the dollar movie (and you only pay for the kid!) and the .57 cent pancakes, everything we’ve done this summer has been free!  How do we do it, you ask?  Simple!  I made a giant calendar and just add events as I come across them.  I started in June with the upcoming events page of the local newspaper (online) and then checked local parks and recreation websites, town websites for our town as well as ones within a 30 min drive, the library website, and a few facebook groups of mom’s I am a part of.  I revisit these sites every Sunday night, and add any new events to our master list as I come across them.  Then each morning I decide what we will go do, being mindful of nap and lunch time.

It seems like Buggy has been enjoying herself at all these events, and I am enjoying our one-on-one time knowing that once her brother comes next month we won’t have as many opportunities to go out just the two of us.


Watering the garden – What a great helper!


Playing at the mall play place – a great way to beat the summer heat!


Splash pad fun!


Seeing the animals at a local farm and ice creamery. Buggy thought the goats were dogs!


Library story time!


Visiting the children’s museum on free day!


Black and White make Brown

A while ago I was approached by a parent who was concerned about her daughter making comments about other’s skin color.  I agreed to speak to the child and try to help her understand that we all have different skin colors, but we are all people and deserve respect.

We met for “special lunch” in my office and I opened the conversation by saying something along the lines of “I heard you met your classmates dad today”  The little girl said she didn’t know that a brown girl would have a black dad and a white mom, and why would a black and a white person have a brown baby?  I took our some crayons and asked her if she knew that when two colors mixed they could make a third color.

I took a yellow crayon and handed her a red crayon.  We pretended I was the Daddy and she was the Mommy and each drew a stick person on the paper with our crayons.  Then I asked her to draw a baby with her crayon in between the two parents.  When she was done I took my yellow and traced over her red baby.  It resulted in an orange baby.  I then went on to explain that if people who have different skin colors have a baby, the baby may be a different color then both of the parents.

The girl was fascinated by this concept, and we went on to make purple and green people as well.  I continued the conversation by explaining that when two people love each other it doesn’t matter what color they are, and then showed the girl a photo of Buggy.  She was surprised to find out that Buggy was my baby, but understood that I love Buggy’s daddy and that is all that matters.

It was a very special lunch for me, because I felt like I really showed this little girl that race is irrelevant when it comes to love, and I hope that she remembers this as she grows up and is exposed to so many more people who look both similar and different from her.