Things I Never Thought I’d Say

Being the mom of a toddler is amazing.  Watching Buggy grow and change every day is a wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She is creative, funny, smart, curious, and goofy.  The more she grows the more silly, weird, and awkward things I find myself saying!  Here is a list of things I’ve said recently that are just plain ridiculous!

  1. Don’t color on your brother’s face!
  2. You can’t only eat ketchup for breakfast.  Eat your fruit. (She then proceeds to dip her fruit in ketchup)
  3. Stop sniffing your brother’s diapers!
  4. That is butt cream, not chap stick.  Get it away from your face!  Ick!
  5. No, that’s not your Dada, that’s a small white girl.  Your dad is big black man.  Wrong on all accounts!
  6. Why are you wearing you swim suit over your pajamas?IMG_1488
  7. Stop touching your brother’s butt.  Butt’s are not for touching!
  8. That is not our car!  (This happens every time we pass a car, she always tries to get in other people’s cars!)
  9. No, you cannot have your toothbrush back.  (An all out toddler fit ensues while I continue, talking mostly to myself) Your toothbrush fell on the floor of Chipotle and I don’t care if you cry about it, I am getting my damn burrito!!  And you’re not getting this toothbrush back! Ever!
  10. Buggy!  Stop!  Your brother can’t eat goldfish!  (one minute later…) Stop feeding him grapes!  Just don’t feed him anything.  Got it?

What funny things have your kids said?


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