Buggy’s Birthday

Two years ago today, I was 9 days over due with my first baby.  I was supposed to go in to be induced on December 7th, 2013, but around 10am on the 6th I got a call saying the birthing unit was nearly empty and I was at the top of the induction list!  I quickly woke up my husband, took a shower, ate some breakfast and grabbed my bags!  We were about to have a baby!!  Little did I know how long my induction and labor would take!

When we arrived and checked in I was given Cervidil, which ripens the cervix.  You can’t get up while it is in except to use the restroom, and it stays in for 12 hours, so from about 11am to 11pm I was stuck in bed.  My husband and I watched TV, talked, updated our facebook status, and texted family to tell them the baby was coming.  I watched a lot of episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” and my favorite holiday movie, “Frosty the Snowman” came on that night.  It was peaceful, but the anticipation of my daughter being born ket me from sleeping much.  I think partly because I was well rested from the night before and partly because I was way too excited to sleep.

Sometime before midnight I was feeling contractions every few minutes, and the nurses said I was in labor!  Yay!  I called our Doula, Misty, who came to the hospital and helped coach myself and my husband.  They took turns sleeping while I watched TV and tried my best to rest between contractions.  At one point I was laboring standing up and would actually fall asleep standing up being held upright by my husband.  I also got sick, and while the Doula was helping catch my vomit in a bowl I peed on my husband!  We actually thought it was my water breaking, but nope.  Just a little pee.  Oops, sorry, husband!

Around 6am the doctor came and and checked me, and decided I would need Pitocin because I wasn’t progressing that much.  I had wanted a med free birth, and tried to talk them out of it, but by then I had been up 20 hours and was exhausted.  I decided if they were giving me a Pitocin I also wanted an epidural.  At that same moment, someone else was being rushed into an emergency c-section and needed the anesthesiologist.  I had to wait.  Those 90 minutes were the worst part of labor, because I was so tired and in so much pain and there was nothing I could really do about it.

Finally, at around 7:30am (just after shift change) I got my epidural and I was able to relax.  I couldn’t feel anything.  It was awesome!  I slept some and got myself mentally ready for Buggy’s arrival.  Time ticked by. I ate some ice chips and a little purple jell-o (they won’t give red because if you puke it might look like blood!).

At about 3:30pm the nurse and midwife came in and checked me.  They decided that it was time to push, so they set my bed back and got my husband and Doula in place to help hold my legs up.  I pushed when they told me, which was every contraction.  Pretty much every 3 minutes.  My epidural was still very effective, so I couldn’t feel anything, including that I was gripping my own leg hard enough to get handprint bruises on my legs!  This lasted for about 3 hours before the midwife came and and told me I had to rest, or this would end in a c-section.  I said ok and fell asleep for what I thought would be a 15 minute cat nap.  50 minutes later the nurse came back in and I pushed again for about another 15 minutes, and at 7:26pm on December 7th, 2013 Buggy was born!

She didn’t cry right away, which was good because she was covered in meconium, that tarry first baby poop.  If swallowed, meconium can be dangerous and cause problems for the baby, so the baby doctor quickly suctioned it off of Buggy and all was well.  My husband got to hold Buggy first, and I think those first moments of bonding are part of the reason why they are so close.  Even now, my little girl is a daddy’s girl.