Hair, Hair, Hair!

I’ve posted about my (in)ability to do Buggy’s hair in the past, and I’m here again to show some new styles and report out on what I learned from one of my friends, who graciously showed me some new ways to give Buggy “princess hair”.

On the left, you can see that Buggy sometimes adds accessories such as a headband and a sticker on her nose, but this hairstyle (minus her contributions) is one of the easiest for me to both do and maintain.  I just part her hair into any number of segments, put it in hair ties, braid each section in a regular braid (which I just learned is also called a plait) and end with one of those impossibly small rubber bands that always seems to snap when I take it out.  The middle photo is just parting Buggy’s hair into three (or four depending on my mood and her patience level) and adding the top pony tail to the next one, so all her hair is up and back.  Sometimes I just have to tame that wild mane!  The photo on the right was my very first attempt at cornrows on Buggy’s hair.  It was actually more of a french braid,  and I didn’t do very well keeping it tight or parting it straight, but it was a good start.

Once I started getting more into doing Buggy’s hair, I asked a friend whose daughter has a similar hair texture to come and show me how to do Buggy’s hair.  She was a good and patient teacher, and did not make fun of me when I had no idea what a plait was!  I learned how to use those bobble hair ties that Buggy calls her “princess balls”, and how to do a twist.  I also learned that it takes a LOT of practice to be able to do corn rows well.  I figured, what the heck – might as well practice on my husbands hair!


This is a before and after shot of me braiding his hair!  It went pretty well – so well, actually, that I gave him a headache for two days because I made it so tight!  Oops!  Luckily, he still likes me, and even let me do his hair a second time!

Here are 5 tips I’ve found helpful when doing Buggy’s hair are: 1. Comb it when it is wet, with conditioner in it. 2. Don’t wash it every day; twice a week is plenty.  Her hair type needs natural oil in it, otherwise it gets very dry and fuzzy. 3. Style when dry, it is easier to grip her hair this way. 4. Don’t give up!  If a style looks funky, is uneven, or otherwise unsatisfactory just take it out and start again.  Or stick a bow on it!  5.Have patience (this goes for both of us).

What tips do you have for doing your little one’s hair?


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