Heartbreaker Hair

I’ve written a few times about learning how to do Buggy’s hair, and I have to say I am proud of how well I’ve been doing recently.  I try new styles about once a week and even if they’re not 100% successful (aka fuzzy by morning) it’s fun.  For the most part Buggy is patient with me.  I set her up with her i pad or put on Daniel Tiger and let her hold the baggie of elastics and hand them to me when I need them.  But sometimes, she’s not so patient.  Sometimes, she struggles with sitting still and  gets mad if there’s tangles in her hair.

Last night for the first time though, she said she hated her hair.  I was heartbroken.  I love her curls.  I love that her hair is so soft, and that it gets fuzzy when it’s humid out.  I think she looks adorable even when her hair is a hot mess and it made me sad to hear her say she hates her hair.  To make it worse, she started combing her hand through my hair and said “I like your hair mommy”.  I just hugged her close and said “And I love your hair.  We both have nice hair, baby”  We spent the next few minutes snuggled up on the couch with her small fingers wrapping their way through my hair and mine through hers.

When I went to tuck her in to bed she told me again that she likes my hair, and I said again that we both have beautiful hair.  I hope that she learns to love her hair like I do.  It is beautiful, and although I am sure it probably hurts when I try to comb the tangles out of it, it looks so cute when it’s all done up



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